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Pest Control Web Design

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Your website is your biggest marketing asset. A vast majority of online experiences begin with drafting an inquiry into a search engine. When visitors discover your website on a search engine result page (SERP), it becomes their primary way of finding and engaging with your company. While many pest control companies recognize this, surprisingly, nearly half of your potential customers will determine how credible your business is based on the look and feel of your website.

In today’s world, customers not only expect you to have a website but they also expect to have a great experience while they visit it. Fast load times, instant booking capabilities, and dynamic content are all a part of creating an enjoyable user experience. Without a high-quality website, potential customers will leave your site and continue their search, potentially finding a competitor’s site.


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Pest Control Web Design Services We Offer

As the owner of a pest control business, you are busy helping customers, training staff, and tending to various day-to-day operations. For this reason, many business owners need help with their web design, and that is what we are here for. Our pest control web design services include:


In early 2015, Google started to place an emphasis on mobility. Today’s world is a mobile one, and people use smartphones and tablets to conduct online searches more and more. As such, if you do not have a website that can be easily viewed on a mobile device, Google will penalize you by assigning you a lower ranking.

Custom Web-Design

We have many pest control website templates to choose from. Using these templates, we can create a customizable website that is as unique as your company. If you prefer, we can create custom web design that will stand out from the crowd.

Optimized landing pages

When a user conducts a Google search, clicks an ad, or is otherwise directed to your site, they will be initially guided to a landing page. Using website copy — which includes important search engine optimization (SEO) strategies — we will improve the performance of your site.


Your website is the biggest marketing tool you have for your website, and the copy within it should represent your best pitch. We can create SEO-friendly copy that is compelling and will draw in visitors.

All of these pest control web design services will help your website deliver the results you are looking for, and will draw in more customers to your business.


The Most Effective Pest Control Web Design Strategies

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Quality Content

If your competition is outperforming you and you are wondering why, it likely has something to do with your website and what is on it. The most important strategies to include in pest control web design are as follows:


Your website needs to be visible to the search engines because the majority of online experiences start with a search engine. This means your content, and all the off-page strategies your website uses must be optimized for the search engines so your site is visible to more people.


A responsive web design will automatically detect the type of device a person is using to search the web and will automatically optimize your site for it. This means users on mobile devices will not have to scroll endlessly, zoom in and out all the time, and otherwise work to get your site to display properly.


Everyone has heard of a website that has gotten hacked, or a data breach that affected thousands of people. Your visitors need to know that when they visit your site, they and their information are safe. Google also gives secure websites a higher ranking in the search engine result pages (SERPs). You need a security certificate particularly if you have a section where users fill in personal information, such as their address or phone number. However, given that Google prioritizes secure websites, it is always best to have one even if you do not have this type of section.


Most Internet users will leave your page if it does not load within three seconds. The online world is very fast-paced and users are not going to wait around to read your website if your competition’s loads faster.


Google has started placing an emphasis on user-friendliness as well, which means while your site must grab the attention of the search engines, it is even more important to appeal to users. If they cannot find the information they are looking for, if links do not work, and if the content is not engaging, they will leave within three seconds.

Quality Content

You need a homepage visitors will land on, but you also need so much more than that. Your website should really consist of pages and pages of content including a blog, a separate page for each of your pest control services, pest guides, photo galleries, and more. Customers expect to land on a page and have access to a great deal of information that will answer any question they have. If you do not provide this content, users will find another company that does.

When working with our pest control web design specialists, we will ensure your website has all of this and more so it generates more leads that convert into clients.

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Our Pest Control Web Design Experts are Here to Help

If your website is not delivering the results you want, the pest control web design experts at Nifty Pest are here to help. Fill out our online form to schedule a consultation to learn even more about how we can design a site that will drive in traffic and customers to your business.

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