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Video Marketing For Pest Control

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Homeowners take pests in their homes very seriously. Oftentimes, they need the help of a pest control professional to eliminate an infestation and prevent the problem from recurring in the future. The pest control industry is a competitive one, and some pest control services are more successful than others. Success largely relies on the types of marketing companies do to have their voices heard. To do this, video marketing for pest control companies has become a very important strategy.

Why Traditional Marketing No Longer Works

Traditionally, pest control companies marketed their services by printing flyers and brochures and handing them out to potential customers. Radio ads, television commercials, and ads in the Yellow Pages were also very common. While these types of advertising aren’t completely obsolete, for most pest control services, they simply do not work as effectively as they once did.

Today, customers go online to research products and services before they make a purchase, and that includes pest control companies. Once online, consumers conduct a search using important keywords, such as “pest control services near me.” If your company does not appear in the first few search results, that customer may turn to your competition. Online marketing has become increasingly competitive. Simply having a website and a few social media profiles is no longer enough.

Video marketing is becoming an integral part of advertising. Customers prefer watching videos more than they do reading long pages of text, especially when they are trying to find a pest control company. Videos tend to invoke more emotions and yield more leads than traditional marketing strategies. You cannot ignore more modern strategies when beginning your marketing journey, and that includes video marketing.


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Video Marketing Statistics

Simply stated, statistics show that video marketing works. Customers are more responsive to it, and these videos reaches more people, on average. Some of the most impressive statistics regarding video marketing include:

Videos are 50 times more likely to obtain organic page ranks in Google than plain text results.

A website is 50 times more likely to show on the first page of the search engine results page if it contains a video.

Videos have a 41 percent higher click-through rate than results that show plain text only.

Visitors will remain on your page longer if it contains a video.

Only 20 percent of visitors will remain on a page to read text in its entirety, while 80 percent of users will remain on a page to watch an entire video.

While videos perform better than text, there are still millions of them online, and thousands that pertain to pest control services. To reap the benefits of video marketing, it is essential that you create catchy and entertaining videos that engage visitors and converts users from leads to clients.


Benefits of Video Marketing

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So, the statistics show that video marketing is better for your company and visitors, but why? It is because this type of advertising brings so many benefits. A few of the biggest benefits you will reap when you embark on video marketing include:

Videos are easier for visitors to consume

Videos engage visitors more than text

The messaging in videos is clearer

Videos obtain greater organic reach

Videos get more conversions

With so many benefits, it is clear that video marketing for pest control companies works and that it can drive in more customers to your business.

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How Video Marketing Helps You Boost Engagement Among Customers

The online world is fast-paced. Customers no longer have the time to sit down and read long pages of text. Instead, they are drawn to videos because they are easy to understand, which can help you boost engagement with those very same customers.

Part of engaging with your customers is creating content that is shareable and that existing customers and new leads will publish on their own profile pages. Today, more and more customers are looking to social media such as Facebook to find products and services, which allows you to easily turn users into leads. It is for this reason that social media has become one of the most powerful tools for brand promotion and engaging with customers.

Video marketing does not only allow companies to engage with consumers but it also makes it easy to engage with leads you are already trying to reach. When you include the right keywords, descriptions, and tags on your videos, they are easily found by the very people that are looking for a quick solution to their pest problem. When users conduct a search, they are more likely to click on videos that appear among the top search results. Viewers are much more likely to call you than they were before they performed that search and watched your video. Videos also facilitate engagement; when video marketing is used in an efficient manner, you are no longer sending out blanket advertising hoping it reaches the right people.

Call Our Pest Control Video Marketing Experts Today

When you need to reach out to new and existing customers and truly engage with them, creating videos is a great way to do it. At Nifty Pest, our experts in pest control video marketing can help you create videos that speak to visitors and convert qualified leads into paying clients. Video is one of today’s key forms of online advertising, and we know how to do it right. Fill out our online form to schedule a consultation and to learn more about how we can help you get the videos you need today.

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