We Make Pest Control Marketing Look Easy

Luckily for you, many of NiftyPest’s employees all got their start in selling by doing door-to-door pest control sales. We’ve started new branches in brand new markets, we’ve helped set up call centers, we’ve built and managed teams of sales teams. We feel confident saying that few other digital marketing agencies will know how to sell pest control as well as we have and we do. That experience on the steps translates amazingly into developing internet marketing strategies that can help grow your company.

You stick to running an awesome pest control company, we’ll take care of the marketing.

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We’re AWESOME At Pest Control Marketing

What do we mean by that? Here are Nifty’s core values:

a in awesome - a stands for Amazing

From website design to SEO strategy, we strive to make our work amazing! Over a decade of internet marketing experience, we’ve learned a thing or two. We know how to create websites that will get people there and turn them into clients!

W in amazing - w stands for Willing Naked
W in amazing - w stands for Willing Naked

We’re all about partnerships. We want to be your digital marketing partner and partners shouldn’t keep secrets from one another. We promise to be open, honest and transparent with you.

W in amazing - w stands for Willing Naked
E in amazing - E stands for Exact

We believe that if we say we are going to do something, you have every right to expect it to get done. Simple as that.

E in amazing - E stands for Exact
S in amazing - S stands for Seriously Responsive

We care about our clients, just like you care about yours. We believe in being responsive when you have a need or a question. We take getting back to you very seriously.

S in amazing - S stands for Seriously Responsive
O in amazing - O stands for original

We’re a clever crew here at Nifty. There are a number of tried and tested strategies we can use to help grow your company but we also believe in pushing the envelope, trying new things and being unique in the process.

O in amazing - O stands for original
M in amazing - M stands for merry

No one likes a frowny face, trade it for a smile is a lifelong mantra and core belief for us. You deserve to talk with someone who isn’t a total drag. We’re happy people and it shows.

M in amazing - M stands for merry
E in amazing - E stands for empathetic

We put ourselves in your shoes. We try to see where you are coming from. Being empathetic helps us better help you.

E in amazing - E stands for empathetic

We Get Results

Clicks are nice but dollar signs are a pest control company’s best friend. When it comes down to it, we are invested in the future and growth of your company. As a result, all of our work is focused on one thing: Making You Money! Here are some of the results that we’ve been able to get for other companies like yours:

Great Websites

First impressions can go a long ways. What your potential clients first see might make or break the deal. We make beautiful websites to help you stand out against your competitors.

More Calls & Conversions

Getting people to your websites is an important part of the process, but it’s only part of it. We make beautiful websites and write content to help the consumers through the sales process. Our websites are focused getting the user to contact via form, chat or phone call.

More Visitors To Your Website

At the end of the day, the goal is landing you new clients. However, the first step is often getting your brand in front of potential clients in your local market. Using amazing local SEO abilities, we grow pest control company’s visitors from Google and other search engines. It’s not uncommon for our clients to see nearly 100% increase in organic traffic year over year.

Better Digital Marketing Strategies

We just absolutely get pest control sales. As a result, we’ve developed successful strategies for pretty much every type of digital marketing platform out there. We’ve landed 1000’s of new pest control customers through SEO, PPC and social media marketing.

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Pest Control Marketing Strategies & Tactics

Content Audit & Strategy

We take a comprehensive look across your entire local ecosystem to determine where you are, where your competitors are, and what you can do to see better results online. We look at search, social, content, and everything in between in order to build a custom plan that works for you.

Pest Control Website Design

We understand the importance of website architecture and the unique challenges of building a website shows the cities you serve and the pests you exterminate. From navigation and schema markup, to page layout and imagery we can optimize and build websites that bring you business.

Local Content Creation

You need localized content about pest control. We have a vast background in creating sharable local content specific to cities, developing local landing pages at scale, and have a deep understanding of what local content ideas will suite you best.

GMB Optimization

We consistently have success with the in’s and out’s of Google listing optimization, and know how to work around common issues that appear for pest control companies. We know the guidelines & we understand how to optimize a profile for better performance. Simply put, we rank in map packs.

Local Link Building

Link building can help your organic and map rankings. More importantly, local links bring local people to your website. We know the type of pest control content and outreach that can bring you great link building opportunities that are relevant to your community, and can help you and your site become an authority on pest management in your market.

Review Process & Monitoring

Pest control companies #1 challenge is managing reviews. We have the tools and know-how to monitor reviews across multiple websites. More importantly, we understand processes that can help you make reviews part of your customer experience and help you improve your business every day from the feedback you get.

Pest Control Social Media Marketing

Facebook and other social media platforms serve as a huge opportunity for pest control companies. Get right in front of exactly who you want to target! Target people by age, gender, location and other demographics. Works like a charm and is often a less expensive way to build brand awareness in your market.

Pest Control PPC

Paid local advertising can be extremely effective for pest control companies if managed properly. Our PPC team has managed 1000’s of locations with diverse needs, and has the understanding and tracking abilities to ensure accuracy and accountability. We can audit, consult, build, and manage programs for any size of pest control operation.


Don’t take our word for it, hear what our clients have to say about our digital marketing abilties:

"Nifty Marketing is great to work with and knows how to get a company recognized online. In a short amount of time, we have shot up the charts and are starting to produce consistent online sales. They even worked with our individual managers in educating them how to maximize their online production."

Lenny Gray

Rove Pest Control

“Great team to work with and they get results. I have and will continue to recommend Nifty to others.”

Robert Bellin

Nifty Client

"Excellent marketing services ... Quick response, communication and collaboration."

Faisal Jamal

Destiny SEO

"Our firm has had a fantastic experience with Nifty Marketing. Our clients have seen improvement in their domain authority, traffic and leads thanks to Nifty. They stay up to date on the latest and greatest in SEO... They are professional and responsive. We truly couldn't be happier!"

Chelsea Creekmore

Creekmore Marketing

"Nifty marketing has always been extremely responsive and kind in promoting our Business. They are easy to get a hold of, and quick to serve. These two attributes are extremely important to us, and actually constitute the foundation of what we hold important in our business. Devin in particular has been great to work with, and extremely helpful. We are seeing great results, and fully expect to see the same in the future. Thanks guys!"

Kirk Dean

Barrier Pest Control

Pest Control Marketing FAQ’s

How Much Does Your Pest Services Cost?

That’s a good question. Our pricing is based on hours of labor. Determining how many hours a pest control company might need to be able to be successful varies greatly depending on your market. The needs of a pest control company in Declo, Idaho (population 359) vs. Chicago, Illinois would be very different! Also, we will need to do a deep dive into your competitors to see if they have been investing heavily in digital marketing. If they have, it might take more time and more effort to cut through and help you gain more market visibility. Give us a call and let’s have a conversation about your goals and objectives. That might help us determine what a marketing budget needs to look like.

How Do Your Costs Compare to Other Digital Marketing Agencies?

If cost is your absolute #1 priority when it comes to selecting a digital marketing partner, it will likely not be us. There will always be someone who can do it cheaper. However, if you are truly looking for a partner that will be invested in the success and growth of your company with an amazingly proven track record, then Nifty is easily one of the best options.

What Type Of Pest Control Companies Do You Work With?

This is another great question. Truth be told, we don’t really have a specific criteria except, we like to work with good companies and good people. We’ve worked with some large companies to help them diversify and expand their market reach. We’ve worked with pest control companies to expand into brand new markets. We’ve helped companies open multiple new office locations. We’ve worked with small pest control companies that just want to perform better in their small local market. The bottom line is, no matter what phase of your company you are in, we can likely help you get better ROI from your marketing investment.

How Long Does It Take To Rank?

It really depends on a number of factors. How competitive your market is from a digital marketing perspective is one of the biggest things to consider. This might be extremely difficult for you to be able to tell without access to the right tools. Let’s have a conversation, let us do a market analysis and we can help you gain a better understanding of how the local digital marketing landscape sits. That being said, many of clients across a variety of industries often see solid growth in about a year’s time. It can easily be less depending on what you’re up against. Give us a call, let’s chat.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

Getting results from an SEO campaign can often take some time. We need to create content, let Google index it and then build the authority of the website through link building. It’s definitely a longer term investment but one that has consistently proved worth the wait for so many other pest control companies. Social Media Marketing can prove to be a bit of a waiting game as well. It is more of a passive marketing strategy. It’s all about planting “bugs” in people’s heads that pest control would be a good investment for their home and family. If you are really wanting to get things rolling and get the phone ringing quickly, PPC or Google Ads might be the best avenue for your internet marketing campaign.

Will I Know What You are Doing for Me?

Absolutely. One of the biggest differentiators between Nifty Marketing and many other digital marketing agencies is our commitment to be amazingly transparent with our strategies and tactics. Every month you will receive a detailed outline of everything we accomplished and what our plan is to do for the following month.

Do You Report to Your Clients? What's that Like?

We certainly do. We outline what we’ve accomplished and what the plan and strategy is for the next month. We also create attractive and detailed reporting systems so that you can know how many call, form fills, live chats that you’ve received in a specific time range. You will also know how many visitors you are getting from search engines, social media platforms and other sources of website traffic. We believe you have every right to know how your marketing campaign is performing. No guessing needed.

Do You Do Consulting?

Yes, we can certainly offer you consulting if that’s what you truly need. In our audits, we take a good solid look into what’s working and what’s not. From that we can generally offer advice and direction as to what you should invest your marketing dollars in.

Do You Do Al A Carte Work?

Yeah, let’s chat about what you are thinking that you need. Think you have a solid website that’s bringing in adequate amount of web traffic but really want to up your social media game? We got you. Want to diversify the channels that bring in customers? We can make that happen. Want to venture into social media marketing? We’ve been doing it for years. Whatever you need, we can probably help.

Do You Offer Google Ads or PPC for Pest Control Companies?

We sure do. We’ve been running paid search campaigns for pest control companies for the better half of a decade. Our solid background the pest control sale process helps us build and shape our pest control pay-per-click campaigns. Interested in seeing what a PPC campaign might look like for your company? Give us a call.

Do You Do SEO for Pest Control Companies?

Absolutely. We’ve been helping pest control companies make great looking websites that both customers and Google appreciate for years. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to help you get found by local searchers.

Do You Do Social Media Marketing for Pest Control Companies?

Yes! Facebook ads and other social media ads is a great avenue for gaining new pest control clients. It’s fantastic because of the way that you can target specific demographics. Think married women ages 38-60 that live in a specific zip code might be the perfect customer for your services? We can create a campaign to get in front of exactly the type of customer you want. It’s pretty amazing.

Do You Design Websites for Pest Control Companies?

We most certainly do. We’ve created websites that have generated thousands and thousands of dollars for our pest control clients all over the United States. We definitely make websites for pest control companies and we do it very well. If you want to stand out from the competition in your market, we can make it happen for you!

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