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As a pest control company, you know the obstacles that stand in the way of attracting new clients. When someone requires your services, their journey will most likely begin with a Google search and phone one of the first few businesses they see. To increase the number of qualified leads that land on your site, you need to make your way into one of those top spots.

Our team of pest control local SEO specialists can perform all of the steps necessary that are essential for getting Your Website Found.

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Why Local SEO for Pest Control is Important

There are many reasons why local SEO for pest control is so important, but the main ones include:

Google Dominates

It was not long ago that people would thumb through the Yellow Pages when they needed services, such as pest control. Today, customers do not look for information in the same manner. The vast majority of consumers search for local businesses online and Google is the main search engine people use when conducting those searches.

Free Advertising

As a business owner, one of your main goals is to get more traffic to your website. Advertising is one of the biggest expenses for any business, but local SEO only consists of a few techniques and strategies that are very affordable, even when hiring someone to do the actual work for you.

Fast Results

SEO is known as an ongoing effort that takes some time before you start seeing results. When you embark on a local SEO campaign for your pest control company, you will likely see results much faster. This is because, unlike international companies, you are only competing with the pest control services around you, not halfway across the world. That already gives you an advantage, but if those competitors have not already started a local SEO campaign, you have an even bigger advantage.

When you work with our team, we will ensure you reap all of these benefits and more.


Pest Control Local SEO Best Practices

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When implementing local SEO on your site, there are many best practices to follow. They are as follows:

Devise your keywords

Like any other SEO strategy, local SEO places a focus on the keywords you use within your content. Keywords are either considered to have buyer intent or research intent. Keywords with buyer intent are those that show a customer is ready to buy. For example, if someone searched for ‘bed bug pest control Chicago,’ they likely already have a bed bug problem. However, someone that searches for ‘winged ants’ may simply be conducting research. It is important to separate your keywords into these categories. While you can use both of them, you should place more of a focus on keywords that have buyer intent.

Online Directories

Links on other webpages that point back to your site are each considered a vote for your site. Links to your website are sometimes very hard to obtain, but you can do it just by listing your pest control company in a few of the main online directories. These include Google My Business, Bing Places for Business, Yahoo, and Yelp. Each directory will contain a link to your website that acts as a vote and gets your website seen by more people.

Optimize Your Core Pages

You should have pages and pages within your website and blog, but you will have core pages that you should optimize for the search engines. Your homepage is one of these core pages and the title of it should be optimized with the term ‘pest control,’ your business name, and your location. The service pages are also core pages and you should optimize these in the same way.

Gather Reviews

You may not think reviews on other sites will do anything for your website, but that is simply not true. While it is true that positive reviews on sites such as Google My Business can encourage others to use your business, they also help your website gain more traffic. This is because Google prioritizes businesses that have several reviews because this tells the search engine that you are a legitimate company.

Track Your Progress

Running a local SEO campaign is important, but it only works if you can track your progress and see what is working and what is not. When you know how to track your campaign, you can tweak it over time so it truly delivers the results you want. The most important metrics to monitor and track include the ranking Google assigns your website, the amount of traffic going to your site, and the number of people that are converting. Conversion rates can be monitored in a number of ways but for pest control companies, any time a visitor schedules a free inspection, that is considered a conversion. Clicking on call buttons and subscribing to newsletters are two other types of conversion.

The above are just a few of the pest control local SEO best practices and as a business owner, you likely do not have time for them. Our local SEO experts will take the time necessary to optimize your website and get the results you have been hoping for.

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Call Our Pest Control Local SEO Specialists Today

If your website is not performing the way you need it to, our pest control local SEO experts at Nifty Pest are here to help. We know how to implement the strategies that will work for you and drive more traffic to your site. Fill out our online form to schedule a consultation and to learn more about how we can help.

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