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October 14th, 2021
11 am MDT


Branded Video Convinces 84% of Consumers to Purchase Pest Control. Are you Missing Out?

Learn a Video Strategy that Actually Works

Ron Torres, Showrunner of Original Content for Pest Control Companies


Ron Torres, Showrunner of Original Content at Nifty Pest.

  • Award Winner of multiple film festivals
  • Has produced content that has garnered 10 million + views and counting
  • Since being hired at Nifty in 2020, has created over 100 unique pieces of content for clients
  • Worked with top talent including Arnold Schwarzenegger & Terry Crews
  • Traveled extensively across the country as a vanlifer


  • The connection between video & story
  • How Story Design is the difference maker in quality content
  • The 4 major story types to assure branded video success
  • What are the key factors in creating quality videos
  • How to effectively collaborate with a hired video team

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