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JUNE 10th, 2021
11 am MDT


Google Local Services Ads for Pest Control

Pay for Calls, Not Clicks AND Show Up at the Top of Google Search

Nick Paul Digital Ads for Pest Control


Nick Paul, Director of Digital Advertising at Nifty Pest.

  • Works with pest control companies to improve their advertising using Search Ads, Local Services Ads, Display/Banner, Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, and more
  • Google Ads Product Expert (Top Contributor)
  • Google Premier Partner
  • Marketing Geek, Horsepower Enthusiast, Cancer Survivor, Fitness Wannabe
  • Nifty Pest specializes in all things digital marketing for pest control companies, including advertising, SEO, video production, and website design.


  • Where to Start with Local Service Ads
  • How to get Google Screened
  • How Ad Placement is Determined
  • How to Use the Pay Per Lead System
  • Ongoing Performance Tracking & Management